Welcome 2014…. or of this, that, and the other….




Another year, more good intentions to resurrect this blog….

So, happy New Year. I hope your Chrismas was peaceful and merry.

Two things on my agenda today: Knitting and Creative Jumps Start 2014.

And in that order: Knitting!!!

I am forever looking for new projects to knit. Unfortunately… I have plenty of projects that need finishing. The last few days were spent looking through my yarn stash and unfinished projects. What kind of yarn do I actually still have? What projects need to be finished? Which of those waiting-to-be-finished projects am I NEVER going to finish?

What I discovered, wasn’t pretty. 4 moving boxes and three smaller boxes full of yarn. Way more Fun-Fur than I care to admit. Way more “what was I thinking” yarn than I care to admit. Some pretty yarn, but not enough for a project, some not so pretty yarn, but plenty of it…. lots of sock yarn… kind of strange for someone who doesn’t actually like wearing knitted socks. Lots of pretty hand-dyed sock yarn….  Cones and cones of lace yarn. Good thing I started knitting more lace. I’ll keep everyone in shawls for the next decade or so…. easily!

In the end, I sorted my yarn: Moving box 1 to keep! and box 3… a small box… for Trouble #2 to knit/crochet/do whatever with. Oh, there is a smallish box of just sock yarn, and and another smallish box of unfinished projects that might actually still get finished. And one Moving box packed to bursting to donate. It felt good to clear that space on my basement shelves.


The reason I actually got into this destashing mood was to find the lovely Lopi yarn my brother and sister-in-law had bought for me on their honeymoon in Iceland. I don’t know what made me think of that yarn and then need to find it right away, but here it is, piles and piles of Lopi and me going through a bazillion patterns and finally finding the one that is (hopefully) going to be perfect for this yarn. In case you are wondering, this is the The yarn is turning out to be a bit tricky to knit with, but hey… bring on the challenge.



So, on to topic #2: Creative Jump Start 2014.



I haven’t been nearly as creative as I need to be in oh… the last year or so. Might have something to do with… oh, this, that and the other, lots of changes around the house over the last year or two. The changes don’t stop, though. I am starting a new job on Monday! Yikes! Anyway, I was hesitant, but then decided: I NEED to do something fun and creative to keep my sanity. So, my dear friend to the rescue! Like in 2012 and 2013, she is once again doing a Creative Jump Start. Daily inspiration from lots of different artists from around the world. Something is sure to inspire me and get my creative juices flowing, right?

So, that’s it for the start of 2014. Let’s see how those good intentions hold up.

Have a good one!



So I have been obsessed….

LOL… what is new? Me? Obsess about something?

Usually it is shoes. This time? A cowl! A cowl, you ask? Why yes? Winter is coming for sure. I hate scarves. I hate hats. So, a cowl seems the answer. And when I saw THIS one a while ago somewhere online… I knew, I had to have it. Well… Burberry is a wee bit out of my price range right now, so I searched high and low for all kinds of pictures so I could figure out the stitchpattern. It took me a while, but here ya go: MY Burberry inspired Cowl:

I don’t think I’ll be cold this winter, right?

I made another cowl for Trouble #1 as well. Super quick knit. Will post pictures later.


Have a good one.

A wedding card….

my lovely neighbor’s son and his girlfriend eloped to Las Vegas. But what is a wedding, eloped or not, without a proper reception/party/celebration afterwards? And a party we had! Saturday was the day! My gift to the happy couple was cupcakes…. 80 of them. in 4 different flavors!

I still wanted to make them a card and this is what I came up with. I pretty much CASED this card, made a matching envelope and there you have it:

The PP is by Kaisercraft, everything else is from my left-overs box….


Now I have to take T#1 to the train in the city. She’s leaving for a week long trip with her class. Let’s hope the weather holds up.

Have a good one.

Workshops with Ms. Nat

So, really… I haven’t really had a chance to take a workshop with Nathalie Kalbach in a while, because, if you had been there, you would know that I am usually the one fixing coffee, cleaning stamps or otherwise working in the background.

But that doesn’t stop me from doing her workshop projects “after the fact”.

Here’s my latest: This project was so much fun. So not my usual style, so not my usual… everything. BUT, it got my “creative juices” flowing, so to speak and I am back in the swing of needing to sit down and scrap obsessively. Lots of LOs piling up already… I will show them in a bit.

So, if you haven’t had a chance to take a WS with Nat, go, rush right over, sign up…. she’s teaching in lots of different locations. I am especially excited about the upcoming event in Hamburg,  Mixed Media Circus, which she is teaching with another favorite of mine:  Julie Fei Fan Balzer.

So, have a good one.